about us

It was established with the desire to "provide new accommodation and travel experiences and contribute to Japan's tourism-oriented nation in the future."

We will deliver a seamless and new travel experience to people and enliven Japan and those who come to Japan.



Save labor at the front desk of hotels, inns, private lodgings, glamping, etc.
It is a non-contact cloud solution that supports guests' seamless, safe and secure accommodation trips.


Efforts to effectively utilize technology and protect the natural environment for the purpose of coexistence between travelers and local communities,
It is a web media that creates a journey to the future by delivering awareness about new accommodation and travel experiences.



For your seamless journey

We continue to pursue a seamless travel experience



Always faithful

We support the provision of reliable travel services and aim to be a reliable partner.


Craving for change

We will continue to challenge the creation of new value according to the times

Looking for members

Would you like to offer a "new accommodation / travel experience" together?